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Years of Cleaning

Are you sleeping on a unhealthy mattress?

Step – 1


This machine generates high-frequency waves that help in loosening the dust and dirt present in the mattress and furniture. This pulls out dust mite, dead skin, hairs, pet dander, pollen, and other household debris deep within your furniture and mattress into a disposable HEPA filter bag (High-EfficiencyParticulate Air) up to 0.3 macron.

Step – 2


UV-C is ideal for mattress sanitizing since its capable of eliminating the DNA of all viruses, bacteria, dust mites & their eggs, and in minimizing microbial growth from your mattress.10 seconds under the UV sanitizer is equivalent to 48 hours under the sun. 

Step – 3


Sterilization using dry, high-temperature steam So as to leave the mattress pure and free of bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs. Steam Disinfector provides superheats steam up to 180°C, which is the right temperature for killing germ, bacteria, and other microorganisms by thermal shock.

An Investment That Really Counts.

Those who are very young, elderly, or disabled are particularly vulnerable to the bacteria, dust and viruses found in your mattress Get Well at home!


Can we offer a sanitization guarantee?

yes, our technology works. Our process works. We can guarantee your mattress sanitized at the end of our cleaning.

How long will the service take?

1 king size mattress and 2 regular sized mattresses on average will take 2.5 hours. It all depends on the size and number of mattresses at home.

How many people will be entering my home for the cleaning?

On average a maximum of 2 people.

Will my sleep quality improve?

We cannot guarantee this, your sleep quality depends on so many factors such as your diet, circadian rhythm state, exposure to light, etc…We can guarantee you the hygiene essentials (dust and microbial elimination). This will be the stepping stone for your other sleep hygiene activities.

How often should I clean my mattress?

Every 1 year if you don’t have any allergies. Every 6 months if you face allergy problems.

Will we be removing any stains from the mattress?

No this is a dry-cleaning process. We  focus on sanitizing the mattress, rather than removing stains.

Sanitization Guarantee

Green and Organic Cleaning.

The Wellness Foundations.

Free Before & After Demo

Superb Customer Service

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Bacteria / Virus Free environment

Effective Allergy Relief

Protected, Healthier Living Environment

Organize a cleaning date or inspection with our team to discuss your specific home purity treatments options.

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