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Organize a cleaning date or inspection with our team to discuss your specific home purity treatments options.

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Are you drinking from a dirty water tank?

Step – 1


An inspector technician and relationship manager visit your premises and lodge detailed notes and pictures. The inspection requires access to your water  system to determine the extent of the work. Both the report and the quotation are received within a couple of hours after our visit. Once you agree, we move into action.

Step – 2


Once at your residence, the Team Leader will inspect the premises and inform the team to start unloading the tools and equipment and which part of the area to start first. We access and clean water system first, with specialized tools used to access every nook and cranny.

Step – 3


Within 24h, we send you a comprehensive report detailing the work done, with before an dafter pictures showing what was accomplished. We also point out components that might need repair or a technical service. Then, we ask you to rate our teams on a five-point scale. Leave a compliment or register a concern.

An Investment That Really Counts.

Those who are very young, elderly, or disabled are particularly vulnerable to the bacteria, microorganisms and viruses found in your water tank. Get Well at home!

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